End of Life Care


Recommendations from the information presented are that the local multi-disciplinary and multi-agency end of life strategy takes account of the following:

  • The increase in population in the older age groups needs to be taken into account when planning and commissioning services for end of life care
  • The voices survey or similar is embedded within the end of life programme to provide more regular feedback to the services to inform developments and quality improvements
  • That there is a clear and continuing focus on the identification and recording of patients approaching the end of life within primary care
  • The coordination services and registers for end of life care should develop to focus on the following:
    •  more equitable geographical distribution  across the Bedford Borough and Central Bedfordshire areas.
    •  to support the needs of patients with non-cancer diagnosis
  • A growing understanding nationally in relation to the end of life needs of BAME groups should inform the development of the local strategy
  • The end of life strategy should develop to better meet the needs of those with non-cancer diagnosis.

Last updated Thursday, 11th May 2017