Adults with learning disabilities

Data and intelligence gathering

Learning Disabilities Market Position Statement (MPS)

This project, currently in progress, will clearly set out the Council’s vision for accommodation needs and care and support services for the local learning disabilities population (all ages).  It will cover supply and demand across Central Bedfordshire and identify business opportunities within the local care market.  In order to maximise efficiencies and achieve best value for money, other vulnerable client groups who require support will be considered as part of the overall offer.  Improving services for customers with a learning disability is a priority for the Council although it is acknowledged that implementation of the recommendations of the MPS, when completed, will take some years.

(The MPS will be publically available in due course.)

Learning Disability Delivery Partnership (LDDP)

The Council’s LDDP board provides a framework for the involvement of people with learning disabilities, family, carers and other stakeholders in the planning of services. They also support the development of a Learning Disability Commissioning Strategy with outcomes met through an agreed annual action plan. This ensures that co-production and customer engagement of people with learning disabilities is embedded within all services and developments. 

An easy read version of the Terms of Reference for the LDDP board can be found on the CBC website:

The Learning Disability Joint Self Assessment Framework (LDJSAF)

All local authorities are required to, periodically, complete an LDJSAF to check how effective services are for people with learning disabilities, their families and carers. It helps authorities to recognise their overall needs, experience and wishes.

An announcement is awaited as to the timing of the next LDJSAF.

Last updated Tuesday, 10th October 2017