Safeguarding Adults

Current programmes and pathways

Central Bedfordshire Council has a safeguarding team of three support workers, and two senior social workers. The role of the team is to receive safeguarding alerts, facilitate practice and robust responses to safeguarding concerns, provide administrative support to the safeguarding process, and develop strategic and partnership working on safeguarding adults in the local area.

Safeguarding and other community care assessment work is undertaken by the relevant community social work teams. Safeguarding work is prioritised by social work teams and the work is undertaken through partnership working with the police, health services and the voluntary and community sector

One of the aims of safeguarding adults is to promote and support access to mainstream services for people with care and support needs who have been abused, for example through domestic abuse  and antisocial behaviour services. Improvements to safeguarding work is focussed on the practice of those facilitating that support, such as social workers and those providing care and support directly.

A senior social worker and a support officer are also employed to fulfil the Council’s supervisory body function in relation to the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards.


Last updated Friday, 22nd April 2016