Safeguarding Adults


Historical recommendations made for consideration

  • Improve understanding and implementation of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 throughout care and support services, offering training where required
  • Improve the Councils understanding of the outcomes of safeguarding work, through developing an outcomes focused approach and data collection to better develop safeguarding responses
  • Information and data about prosecutions, convictions, use of advocacy, victim support, restorative justice and mediation services, cross referenced with community safety data, would assist in the development of safeguarding services

Work has progressed on improvements in each of these areas however these areas of work are ongoing and remain a priority.

Recommendations for consideration by organisations
(i.e. BCCG, Local Authority, Public Health and other providers e.g. SEPT, Bedford hospital)

  • Commissioners can demonstrate that providers protect the people using their services through recruitment, advocacy, best interests decisions and partnership working
  • Commissioners can demonstrate that providers are compliant  with local safeguarding policies and procedures, strong leadership and trained and competent staff
  • Commissioners of services to support victims of abuse of all types ensure that access for people with care and support needs is available and enabled.

Evidencing the likely impact

Focus on safe and person centred services and access to support for people with care and support needs who have been abused will promote well being and minimise the risks and effect of abuse and neglect.


Last updated Friday, 22nd April 2016