Homeless People

Areas for focus

  • Monitor and review the Housing Allocation scheme to ensure that homeless households do not spend long periods of time in temporary accommodation.
  • Review of the Allocation scheme has begun by implementing improvements in data capture so that letting outcomes can be analysed in more detail and provide the evidence for proposals to amend the scheme.  The review is progressing and is taking account of changes in legislation established through case law as well as the Local Government Ombudsman’s report “Full House – Councils’ role in allocating social housing”.
  • Work with Luton, Bedford, & Milton Keynes to Implement the Government grant funded Rough Sleeper outreach service across the Sustainability Transformation area for 17/18 and 18/19.  The funding is focused on addressing the link between rough sleeping and complex mental health issues.
  • Following enactment of the Homelessness Reduction Bill, ensure services are in place to meet the new duties for preventing and reducing homelessness, particularly for those who may not previously have been owed a rehousing duty under the current statutory provisions.
  • Review feedback from customer satisfaction surveys and the tenant scrutiny panel to inform improvements to services and the customer pathway.  Consider the benefit of conducting customer focus groups to further inform service development.

Last updated Tuesday, 13th June 2017