Homeless People

Local views

Formal wide ranging consultation takes place as policies and strategies are formulated. 

  • The Homelessness Review (2014) documents wide ranging consultation with stakeholders during the formulation of the Homelessness Strategy and Action plan.
  • A consultation event is being held in the Spring to review the proposed “Lets Rent” offer to Private Sector Landlords before Executive approval.
  • Proposed changes to the Housing Allocation Scheme will also require consultation with a range of organisations and service users.

All policies are subject to an Equality Impact Assessment which requires consultation an user engagement.

Central Bedfordshire Council’s tenant scrutiny panel is currently engaged in scrutinising homelessness within Central Bedfordshire.

The introduction of the new telephone system in Housing Solutions at the beginning of 2017 includes a brief customer feedback survey at the end of each telephone call. Data will be available shortly to inform service improvements.

Customer satisfaction feedback forms are being developed for customers attending housing options interviews. Implementation is expected by the end of April 2017. 

Last updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017