Falls and Osteoporosis

Equipment services

There are two equipment services available to people in Central Bedfordshire:

  • Red Cross provide a short term medical loans service can be accessed via self-referral and health and social care practitioners.
  • Community Equipment Services provide a longer term medical loans service delivered by Millbrook Healthcare. Referrals are made health and social care practitioners following an assessment of peoples’ equipment needs. In 2010/11, 26,585 people across the county used the service and this number is set to increase this year. This new enhanced joint community equipment service will deliver annual savings in the region of £160k across the whole of Bedfordshire.

Telecare and Community Alarm Services (Assisted Technology) is managed by Aragon Housing Service for Central Bedfordshire Council. Key agencies in this joint endeavour include: Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group, Bedford Borough Council, Tunstall Group and North Herts Careline.

  • Telecare provides equipment to support vulnerable older 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, enabling people to remain independent for longer e.g. delaying a move into residential care and/or providing support to people returning from hospital.
  • The main piece of equipment is called the Lifeline unit. Additional equipment that works in tandem with the Lifeline unit to raise an alarm, is available and includes:
    • falls detector
    • smoke detector
    • carbon monoxide detector
    • temperature extremes sensor
    • bed occupancy sensor
    • flood detector

Last updated Friday, 22nd April 2016