Falls and Osteoporosis


Prevention can be difficult to ‘sell’, as it is by nature predictive and the outcomes are not seen immediately.  However, interventions that reduce the likelihood of falling, or falls related injury, have the potential to save NHS and social care resources and improve the health of the UK’s increasingly elderly population (NICE, 2004).

In 2015, the ‘Falls Prevention and Awareness Manual’ developed by the Bedfordshire Falls and Fracture Prevention Steering Group, was reviewed and subsequently updated.  It was developed for use in residential and nursing homes and contents include:

  • Falls Risk Assessment Tool – STRATIFY
  • Falls Risk Checklists
  • Post Fall Assessment
  • Slips, Trips and Falls Analysis
  • Falls overview and data reporting sheets
  • Falls prevention information cards, leaflets and posters

Following the re-launch event in September 2015, falls awareness training has been delivered to 56 members of staff from Bedfordshire based care homes (as at December 2015).  Additional training has been scheduled, which includes ‘Train the Trainer’ training to enable them to deliver the training to colleagues within their individual care homes.  Similar training is also delivered to domiciliary carers.

Managers are requested to identify a Falls Champion(s) from within their Care Home who will:

  • Attend ‘Falls Prevention and Awareness’ training
  • Lead the falls prevention work within the care home
  • Act as the main point of contact for falls related matters
  • Attend quarterly falls prevention meetings and report anonymised activity data
  • Provide guidance updates to the wider care home team

The quarterly falls prevention meetings will provide:

  • Peer support
  • An opportunity to share best practice and learning
  • An opportunity to highlight additional support required by the home
  • An opportunity for partnership working e.g. to share, discuss, develop strategies/ guidelines/protocols to reduce falls across all Care Homes

A range of Falls Prevention Leaflets, developed by the Bedfordshire and Luton Falls and Fracture Prevention Steering Group.  The leaflets are available to download electronically and hard copies can be provided on request.  Titles include:

  • A guide to what to do if you have a fall, including a picture guide
  • A guide to safe footwear
  • A guide to safe transfers on/off chairs and beds
  • A guide to the safe use of walking aids
  • A guide to the safe use of wheelchairs
  • A guide to reducing the risk of falls due to medication
  • A guide to diet and nutrition
  • A guide to keeping warm

As some medications are more likely to be associated with falls, a ‘Medication and the risk of falls in the older person’ is also available for relevant frontline workers.

Last updated Friday, 22nd April 2016