Falls and Osteoporosis

Current programmes and services

The multi-agency Bedfordshire Falls and Fracture Prevention Steering Group drives the falls prevention and osteoporosis agenda for Central Bedfordshire Council.  Furthermore, the Integrated Patient Safety Group leads on the delivery of the Safety Thermometer programme which incorporates falls prevention and reduction of serious injury for those people that do fall whilst in an in-patient facility.  The target is to prevent 100% of avoidable in-patient falls (1)

The Better Care Fund was announced in June 2013 to drive the transformation of local services to ensure that people receive better and more integrated care and support through pooled budget arrangements between local authorities and Clinical Commissioning Groups.  Programme 4: ‘Redesigning our prevention model’, agreed by the Central Bedfordshire Council and Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group Commissioning Group, identified the value of including falls prevention initiatives in reducing avoidable emergency admissions.


(1) Avoidable falls are likely to be those caused by extrinsic factors i.e. factors outside of the person e.g. physical environment, assistive devices and footwear and those intrinsic factors which could possibly be changed e.g. polypharmacy, vision etc.

Last updated Friday, 22nd April 2016