Excess winter deaths, fuel poverty and flu

What are the unmet needs/service gaps?

Excess winter mortality is not as high in Central Bedfordshire as it is in other areas of the country.  Nevertheless, dozens of people are dying each year and many more are suffering non-fatal illnesses from eminently preventable causes. 

Over 9000 households are living in fuel poverty; this circumstance exacerbates the risk from cold weather for any vulnerable people living within the home.

Over 30,000 people who were eligible for flu vaccination last winter did not take up the offer.  The eligible groups are, by definition, at risk of severe illness if they contract flu and therefore at increased risk of death in the winter months. 

The central Warm Homes Healthy People funding spent on the well-received interventions for our most vulnerable residents in 2012/13 has not been continued

Most of the interventions recommended in the national guidance are already provided in Central Bedfordshire, but the work is done by different organisations with little join-up and information sharing between services.

Last updated Friday, 22nd April 2016