Substance misuse

What are the unmet needs / service provision?

  • Prevalence data suggests there is potentially a large number of people not known to treatment across Bedfordshire.  This needs further investigation and a review of the prevalence figures and a scoping exercise around unmet need across CBC
  • For Criminal Justice successful completions, performance is less than expected.  Further investigations need to take place to ascertain the reasons behind this, attrition rates and return to prison rates. It would be advisable also to interrogate community order rates in cluster group areas and correlate successful completion rates. It would be useful also to scope good practice amongst those areas that are performing well within the upper quartile range in the cluster group.  This is an area that will be looked into in the evaluation of the drug and alcohol services that is currently underway
  • Numbers of those in residential rehabilitation are stable but low – this could indicate an issue with pathways to and availability of resources for individuals who require residential rehabilitation interventions

Families with children:  The numbers of clients in treatment living with children and/ or pregnant at start of treatment are small and therefore it is difficult to compare with England. However, the percentages are lower in CBC than nationally and this may indicate that further work needs to take place to review how many of those substance misusers live with children or are pregnant at the start of treatment are recorded. The figures may indicate that assessment and recording of those living with children is being under-reported and this will have an impact on commissioning services in the future, the level of training that is provided to professionals to identify where drugs are an issue for those living with children and how this is disclosed by clients

Last updated Friday, 22nd April 2016