Substance misuse

What are the key inequalities?

  • More deprived areas:  Whilst deprivation is not related to whether people have ever tried drugs, there is a clear link between problematic drug use and deprivation. In addition, deprivation often means that a user is less likely to get care and treatment, and is less likely to overcome drug problems.  Deprived people living in over-crowded and sub-standard accommodation are also more likely to share injecting equipment and more likely to contract hepatitis, HIV and tuberculosis as a result. (1)
  • Certain groups are more vulnerable e.g. young people, pregnant and although the number are small the treatment needs of these populations are not fully understood. 
  • Central Bedfordshire is ‘under-penetrating’ the Asian Populations.  This may indicate that services need to do more to attract and treat Asian individuals into treatment.  However, the numbers are small and further work needs to be done in this area to ascertain the true reasons behind this statistic. 


(1)  Drugwise  

Last updated Thursday, 16th November 2017