Sexual health

Cost effectiveness 

The following strategies have been identified as cost saving:

The ‘Economics of Sexual Health’ study (fpa 2005) found that ‘It is absolutely clear that contraception services, in themselves, result in reduced cost and increased benefit overall. ’It also found that ‘there is evidence that access to emergency contraception, both the emergency contraceptive pill and the inter-uterine device, is beneficial. Investing in HIV prevention strategies should be a priority because of its potential for cost savings. It is estimated that each infection prevented would save between £280,000 and £360,000 in lifetime treatment costs. If the 3,640 UK-acquired HIV diagnoses made in 2010 had been prevented, between £1bn and £1.3bn lifetime treatment and clinical care costs would have been saved (HIV in the United Kingdom: 2011 Report HPA).

Last updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017