Sexual health

Recommendations (current)

  1. To increase access to the Integrated Contraceptive and Sexual Health Services (iCaSH) providing a full range of contraception and sexual health services from the hub and spokes. In particular identifying further venues for easy access to CBC residents.
    • Responsible Organisation(s): Cambridgeshire Community Services, Public Health
    • Timescale: From 1st November 2016 - Ongoing
  2. To continue to focus services on women post abortion to reduce the number of repeat terminations across all age groups. This will be monitored via key performance indicators included in Contraceptive and Sexual Health Services contracts.
    • Responsible Organisation(s): Public Health, Sexual Health Services
    • Timescale: Ongoing
  3. Monitor rates of STIs in Central Bedfordshire and surrounding areas and work with Public Health England (PHE) and sexual health providers to address any areas identified.
    • Responsible Organisation(s): Public Health, PHE, Sexual Health Services, Primary Care
    • Timescale: Ongoing
  4. Reduce HIV late diagnosis, with continued targeted work with at risk communities and increase confidential access to HIV testing through a number of testing sites.
    • Responsible Organisation(s): Sexual Health Services, Primary Care and BCCG.
    • Timescale: Ongoing
  5. Introduce increased provision of HIV, testing, through Primary Care settings and HIV Self-Sampling. These initiatives will continue and be strengthened throughout 2016/17.
    • Responsibile Organisation(s): Public Health, Primary Care, supported by the BCCG
    • Timescale: Ongoing
  6. Improve the detection rate for Chlamydia, to work towards the recommended diagnostic target of 2,300 per 100,000 and offer tests in a variety of settings.
    • Responsible Organisation(s): Public health, Sexual Health Services, Primary Care and Pharmacy
    • Timescale: Ongoing
  7. To strengthen the relationships and referrals into other local authority commissioned services linked with other public health outcomes i.e. weight management services.
    • Responsiible Organisation(s): All Public Health commissioned services, Sexual Health, Drug and Alcohol Services, Weight Management,  Stop Smoking and Children and Young People Services.
    • Timescale: Ongoing
  8. For the integrated sexual health services to continue to identify vulnerable groups, such as victims of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) and Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) to refer into safeguarding where appropriate and support services.
    • Responsible Organisation(s): Cambridgeshire Community Services, Local Safeguarding Children’s Board, Support Services such as Social Care and Voluntary Support Agencies.
    • Timescale: Ongoing
  9. Promote safer sexual health behaviours and key sexual health messages through sexual health services and other services such as substance misuse services, outreach work and relevant cost effective campaigns linked to national events and recommendations i.e. HIV Testing Week.
    • Responsiible Organisation(s): Public Health, Cambridgeshire Community Services.
    • Timscale: As required

Last updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017