Sexual health

Recommendations (historical)

From 2015 Sexual Health chapter:

  1. Following recommendations from the comprehensive Sexual Health Needs Assessment that was conducted in April 2015 an integrated model of sexual health service provision was implemented from 1st November 2016 across Bedford Borough and Central Bedfordshire. This is in line with National and regional trends.
    • Progress: Performance, quality and safety continue to be of a high level, monitored via quarterly performance meetings with the provider Cambridgeshire Community Services (iCaSH) .
  2. To continue to work with Public Health England (PHE) and other regional commissioners to identify any local increase in STIs early and work together to address these, such as joint targeted campaigns.
    • Progress: Work with Public Health England for early identification of any increases in STI infections has continued.
  3. To reduce HIV late diagnosis, through targeted work with higher risk communities and increase confidential access to HIV testing through a number of testing sites and self-sampling.
    • Progress: For GPs to receive information in their  protected learning time and training sessions with a Consultant in HIV medicine, to update around HIV and the need to increase testing in the community.
  4. Reduce teenage conceptions- please see the teenage pregnancy JSNA chapter for detail on approaches to reduce teenage pregnancy in Central Bedfordshire.
    • Progress: Targeted and preventive intervention aimed at higher risk groups and outlined in the Teenage Pregnancy JSNA.
  5. For Cambridgeshire Community Services to promote the iCaSH services available to Central Bedfordshire residents.
    • Progress: Advertise the  website and a single appointment number for easy access and appropriate use to contraceptive and sexual health services.
  6. Increase the diagnostic rate for Chlamydia towards the recommended outcome measure of 2,300 per 100,000.
    • Progress: Offer easy access in a variety of  venues for young people to access chlamydia screening across Central Bedfordshire.


Last updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017