Tobacco control and smoking

Cost of Smoking

Tobacco imposes a significant economic burden on society.  ASH tobacco ready reckoner suggests that the cost to Central Bedfordshire Council is £59.2 million a year.  In addition to direct medical costs, there are indirect costs including loss of productivity, fire damage and environmental harm from cigarette litter.  The total burden caused by tobacco products more than outweighs any economic benefit from their manufacture and sale.  Treasury revenue is approximately £29.91 million meaning smoking costs significantly more than it collects in tax revenue.

Spending on tobacco control measures can help reduce these costs. For example, it is estimated that about £380 million a year is being saved by the NHS as a result of public health strategies such as the ban on tobacco advertising and the creation of Stop Smoking Services which have resulted in fewer people smoking (1).

Estimated cost of smoking in Central Bedfordshire Unitary Authority

Estimated cost of smoking in Central Bedfordshire Unitary Authority, Source:

Last updated Friday, 22nd April 2016