Cardiovascular disease (CVD)

What are the key inequalities?

There is no doubt that the social determinants of health – where people are born, live, work and grow older - result in health inequalities.  Nationally, deaths from CVD have fallen although the decline has been smaller in the poorest communities.  However, there were 145 deaths from people under the age of 75 in Central Bedfordshire as a result of CVD in 2014.  This is partly due to an unhealthy lifestyle.

There are variations in the prevalence of CVD across the population that demonstrate inequalities in health, for example in relation to occupational group and ethnicity.  Deaths from coronary heart disease are three times higher among unskilled men than among professionals, and around 50% higher in South Asian communities than in the general population.

In the Segment Tool (Chart 5), the major cause of the life expectancy gap between the most and least deprived was circulatory system: 35% in men and 25% in females in Central Bedfordshire, 2012-14. 

Last updated Tuesday, 25th July 2017