Local views

Anglia Cancer Network commissioned a social market research company to conduct an evaluation of the ‘Be Clear on Cancer’ campaign in December 2011.  Using the Cancer Awareness Measure carried out in 2010, and here as a comparison, the unprompted cancer awareness of the signs and symptoms of cancer had increased:

  • unexplained bleeding                       57%        (15% increase)
  • unexplained pain                               39%        (21% increase)
  • change in bowel/bladder habits     15%          (5% increase)
  • cough/hoarseness                             30%        (10% increase)
  • loss of appetite                                   28%          (6% increase)
  • nausea/sickness                                13%          (5% increase)
  • difficulty swallowing                          20%          (6% increase)

The Cancer Awareness Measure (CAM) in 2010 concluded that

  • Campaigns should raise awareness of symptoms, lifestyle risk factors and cancer screening programmes, particularly with bowel cancer
  • Specific campaigns would be beneficial if they were targeted at males, students, BME Groups and deprived areas

An evaluation of a national lung cancer campaigns, 2012, suggested that a shift in cancer stage distribution. It is possible a sustained increase in resections may lead to improved long-term survival.

Last updated Tuesday, 25th July 2017