Child and adolescent mental health

What is this telling us?

Services need to be more integrated and provide clear pathways for service users.

GPs appear to be less well informed about the full range of services available to support mental health and psychological wellbeing, this is supported by the recent CAMHS review.   Partners need to ensure that there is better information, and training about what is available in the Central Bedfordshire area; through greater involvement of other staff within the GP Practice around mental health and psychological well-being, and by better engagement of GP Practices with the Central Bedfordshire Council.

Services need to address the inequalities which mean that some children are more vulnerable to mental illness. These include children who have one or a number of factors in the following domains:

  • Low income households/parents who are unemployed
  • Looked after children
  • Disabilities
  • Black and other ethnic minority
  • Lesbian/gay/bisexual or transgender
  • Those in the criminal justice system
  • Those who have a parent with mental health problems
  • Refugees and asylum seekers
  • Gypsy and other traveller communities

Last updated Friday, 22nd April 2016