Oral health

Current activity and services

Targeted oral health promotion interventions have been commissioned from the Bedfordshire Community Dental Service Community Interest Company and are being closely monitored with support from Public Health England to ensure the programmes provide evidenced based treatment and activities. Interventions commissioned and monitored are in line with ‘Delivering better oral health- an evidenced based tool kit’ DoH and BASCD 2009 2nd ed (1) The service provides evidenced based population interventions which include:- applications of fluoride varnish to special care school children, fluoride varnish is provided as part of the healthy under 5 programme to children attending pre-school settings, oral health education training is provided to groups  of families with special care children as well as looked after children,   oral health education material produced with input from special care patients and carers, oral health education is provided for carers in residential homes- which promotes the use of fluoride interventions- this part of an accreditation process, national oral cancer and national smile month is promoted through radio interviews or through local media and children centres are provided with promotional material.  

Smoking cessation services are promoted by practices for patients wanting to stop smoking. Through post graduate teaching, dental practices have been encouraged to provide Level 2 smoking cessation services within dental practices.


(1) Delivering better oral health- an evidenced based tool kit’ DoH and BASCD 2009 2nd edition gateway 12231

Last updated Friday, 22nd April 2016