Excess weight and obesity (children)

National and local strategies (best practices)



  • Central Bedfordshire Excess Weight Partnership Strategy 2016 - 2020
  • Central Bedfordshire 5 year Plan Great residents services. Protecting the vulnerable and improving wellbeing. Creating stronger communities
  • Director of Public Health Report – Aiming for the best for children, young people and families in Central Bedfordshire - December 2016
  • Inequalities in Central Bedfordshire. A report by the Director of Public Health – Muriel Scott. Priority 4: Lifestyles and Health Inequalities – 4.2  Adult Obesity. Priority 5: Health Inequalities affecting babies, children and young people – 5.4 Childhood Obesity
  • Central Bedfordshire Children and Young People’s Plan June 2015 – March 2017. Priority 3 – Early help and improving life chances, Priority 4 – Being Healthy and positive
  • Central Bedfordshire Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2012 – 2016. Re-fresh April 2015: Priority 1: Ensuring good mental health and wellbeing at every age. Priority 2: Giving every child the best start in life. Priority 3: Improving outcomes for frail and older people. Priority 4: Enabling people to stay healthy longer.   
  • Local Government Association – Social Care and Obesity. A discussion paper. (October 2013)
  • Local Government Association – Building the Foundations Tackling obesity through planning and development
  • Ward profiles


Last updated Wednesday, 1st November 2017