Excess weight and obesity (children)

Local views

 ‘Bike It’ programme in Dunstable:

  • A teaching assistant reported back that the disruptive pupil she supports in all lessons had been able to completely focus while he was doing the juggling exercises. The school are going to buy some juggling balls to see if they will help to continue to improve his concentration levels.

Quote from a parent after completing a HENRY course.

  •  “I liked that the programme covered all areas of our children’s lives – feelings, exercise, portions, what to eat, processed food, how to deal with discipline (positive praise). HENRY has improved my home life and that was unexpected!”

Quote from a parent after completing a BeeZee Bodies Family course.

  • The word I think sums up Beezee Bodies for me and which I associate with the programme is “sustainable”; to build the lessons we have learnt into our individual lifestyles to create something unique which works for us, that we can sustain because it fits into our lives and gives us control.  That it is not about “flash in the pan” diets as there is a much bigger picture to look at, which encompasses so much more, full of positivity, confidence, good choices, a healthier lifestyle and most of all making these changes sustainable.

Last updated Tuesday, 4th April 2017