Excess weight and obesity (children)

Areas for focus


  • Continue to work with planning to implement HIA and SPD documents for new developments and Hot Food Takeaways. (Public Health, CBC Planning)
  • Extension of the Oral Health Contract until March 31st 2018 will enable Community Dental Services to deliver a Sustainable Tooth brushing Programme in Early Years Settings in the 20% - 40% most deprived areas across Central Bedfordshire. (Public Health, CDS)
  • Extension of the ‘Bike It’ programme until March 31st 2018 will enable Sustrans to continue the work with schools around sustainable travel. (Public Health, Sustrans)
  • Ensure that the contract and KPI’s for the provider for all childrens/maternal excess weight management services is monitored and that the targets are met. (Public Health)
  • Supporting schools to deliver the excess weight agenda by working with 0-19 teams in areas of high levels of obesity as shown by NCMP figures. i.e:- 


  • Health Visitors

    Raise the issue of excess weight and obesity with parents and offer support before the child enters the school system. (BeeZee HENRY programme, Change4life).

    Liaise with school nurses to pass on information regarding families identified for support in Children’s Centres.


  • School Nurses

    Offer Health Days/support in school as part of curriculum time and after school provision.

    Work with the School Nursing Service to engage with parents as part of the NCMP programme.

    School nurses are available to support and signpost to commissioned services. This should increase participation rates and decrease the number of parents who are unhappy about receiving the letters.

    School Nurses deliver Drop In sessions in schools with pupils of Year 7 and above to provide 1-1 support for a wide variety of issues. (Public Health, 0-19 School Nursing Teams, Health Visitors)


  • School Games Officers –

    Identify schools with high levels of excess weight through NCMP figures and inform SGO’s. SGO’s can then put initiatives in place to support pupils to increase physical activity. i.e. Change4life clubs, Schools Games. (Public Health, SGO’s, Strategic physical activity and Sport Group)


  • Whole School Review –

    Schools in Central Bedfordshire complete ‘Whole School Reviews’ every 2 years to demonstrate the health and wellbeing provision across their whole school community, and identify any gaps.

    • Support school based programmes such as ‘Making the Most of Me’ and Bikeability. (Public Health, Physical Activity/leisure team CBC)
    • Monitor commissioned ‘Bike It’ programme contract to ensure KPI’s and targets are met. (Public Health, Sustrans)
    • Monitor the Excess Weight Partnership Strategy through the County-wide Implementation Group. (Public Health)
    • Be mutually accountable for obesity prevention from Health &Well Being (HWB) Board level downwards. (BCCG, Public Health & partners)
    • Encourage Breastfeeding in Central Bedfordshire by working with Environmental Health to integrate the ‘Baby Friendly’ award scheme with the ‘Healthier Options’ food award scheme for food businesses. (0-5 Health Visitors teams, Env Health)
    • Support initiatives that have been detailed in the Childhood Obesity Plan. (All partners)


  • Promote Change4life/’One YOU’ in all work around the excess weight agenda and to all partners. Partners should then promote Change4life/’One YOU’ within their organisations and to their service users. (Public Health, Local Authority, BCCG, 0-19 School Nursing Teams, Health Visitors, Sustrans, BeeZee Bodies CIC)


  • Monitor the Excess Weight Partnership Strategy through the County-wide Implementation Group. (Public Health)
  • Continue to work in partnership with agencies and services to bring about a reduction in levels of excess weight in children across Central Bedfordshire.

Last updated Wednesday, 1st November 2017