Maternal mental health including perinatal


  • Maternal perinatal depression, anxiety and psychosis together carry a long term cost to society of about £8.1 billion for each one year cohort of births in the UK, equivalent to a long term cost of around £10,000 for every single birth in the country (1)
  • Nearly three quarters of the above cost (72%) relates to adverse impacts on the child rather than the mother. 
  • Over a fifth of total costs (£1.7 billion) are borne by the public sector, with the bulk of these falling on the NHS and social services (£1.2 billion)
  • Average cost to society of one case of perinatal depression is around £74,000 of which £23,000 relates to the mother and £51,000 relates to impacts on the child. This translates to an average of nearly £7,000 for every woman giving birth in any one year.
  • Perinatal anxiety (when it exists alone and is not co-morbid with depression) costs about £35,000 per case, of which £21,000 relates to the mother and £14,000 to the child (2)



(1) Department of Health (2015) Future in Mind: Promoting, protecting and improving our children and young peoples mental health and wellbeing

(2) LSE (2014) The costs of perinatal mental health problems. London 


Last updated Tuesday, 17th January 2017