Teenage Pregnancy

Local views

The Sexual Health Website was developed based upon consultation with young people who wanted a local website to encapsulate all sexual health services with a recognisable logo. Young people have been involved in a live consultation of the website via the youth participation group, the Children in Care Council and young volunteers through Health Watch.

Young people have also been involved in shaping sexual health services, through young people inspections and evaluations. Consultations have taken place with young people to ascertain their views on the sexual health provision within schools. This has shown that access to services in schools is highly dependant upon the school supporting pupils to access these services in a confidential manner. Where this hasn’t been the case, pupils do not feel comfortable accessing services.

In schools with a supportive environment in which staff promote and support access to these services, pupils report that the on site services are highly valued.

All commissioned sexual health services are monitored on a quarterly basis in regards to user involvement. To ensure the views of service users are heard feedback is captured through a ‘You said, We did…’ board in the Brook main reception areas, where appropriate adaptations to the service are made in response to comments.

Last updated Thursday, 20th October 2016