Smoking in pregnancy

Local views

The stop smoking service aims to continuously improve and develop the service according to local need. With the start of the Smokefree Baby and Me programme the original evaluation form was amended to reflect and gage feedback on those accessing the service pre – access and post access.

Client A

Jackie has been an excellent help and would not have been able to do this alone.”

Client B

“Feel 100% better in myself, feel I can do so much more

Client C

“Skin, hair and nails are healthier, not breathless when walking and baby moves better”

All the evaluations ask awareness levels of specific topics prior to appointment and post appointments from not at all to definitely. The topics are: dangers of continued smoking to mum and baby, implications of carbon monoxide, support around barriers, reduction of anxiety levels and benefits to stopping smoking and no safe level of smoking.

In all of the pre appointment forms no one ticked their awareness was definitely sound. However, 100% of responses had an improvement to ‘definite’ awareness of the topics in their post appointment form.

Last updated Friday, 22nd April 2016